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Get Thick and Long Hairs in Just 15 Minutes

People who want and desire to get long and thick hair with non-surgical treatment or without any pain with less money investing So, don’t worry here Ridhi Wig House brings the solution for you to get the easiest and fastest hair growth in just 15 minutes. Now you are thinking that how I get long and thick hair in just a few minutes: Yes, it’s a solution “Clip-in Hair extensions” so now let’s talk about what it is, how to apply clip-in human hair extensions, Types of clip-in hair extensions and where you can get best hair extensions in Delhi.

What are Clip-in Hair extensions ?

Clip-In Hair extensions are one of the only ways which give length and volume to your hair, without consuming a lot of time or money and people who love to color their hair without damaging they can also recommend clip-in hair extensions, and this method is preferred by most of the stylist to give enhancement to hairs and without going to salon or parlor you can get clip-in extensions manually but you should have the best quality of hair extensions which can apply multiple times as below picture you can get the idea that how it looks:

Types of Clip-In Hair Extensions:

Before getting into the hair extensions methods, one of the things you need to know about hair extensions is that they come in real human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions which have a lot of differences you have to know:



Human or real hair extensions are made out of natural hair from top to the bottom and set for a long time and their pros and cons are :

The Pros :

1. Styling Versatility : Lots of human hairs can be colored, maintain and style easily just like your own hair but if you want these good features in your clip-in human hair extensions firstly you have to spend good money for long-lasting versatility.

2. Form or Texture : Human hair extensions come in a variety of textures as per your choice which gives you the advantage to match them with your hair.

3. Durability : Caring human hair extensions properly can long last for a year or more when worn daily.

4. Looks : Human hair extensions are incredible according to looks that they look natural as your hair which didn’t make any difference.

5. Maintenance : Just like your own hair, it’s easy to manage and wash with as usual with shampoo and conditioner it does not contain any big deal to maintain them.

6. Weight : Human hair extensions are heavier than synthetic hairs which are worthy according to price.

7. Condition : You can easily straighten your hair or curl them freely with heating appliances because they are heating-friendly extensions.

The Cons :

1. Cost : It cost more expensive than synthetic hair because hairs are collected from human hairs.

2. Color Variation : It’s a little bit difficult when you want a different color of high lights or bright colors to add to your hair it takes time to change or go for a stylist to dye them.

3. Reacts to Weather : As we discussed human hair is almost the same as your hair so its functionality is depending on weather changes.


The Pros :

1. Care : Synthetic hair extensions are easy to maintain which gives your hair volume and weight and can style your hair easily.

2. Style Memory : Synthetic wigs hold their style regardless of the weather.

3. Versatility : With various colors and styles you can get different and unique looks without time-wasting.

4. Large Color Selection : With large color desires, you can give a variety of looks to your synthetic hair.

5. Cost Charges : According to Human Hair Extensions, they are low cost.

6. Low Maintenance : They require low maintenance.

The Cons :

1. Looks : If you take high to the high quality of Synthetic hair extensions you still cannot beat the quality of human hair extensions.

2. Shine : It depends on the economy of investing money to accordingly to synthetic hair extensions if money increases the quality and shine change.

3. Longevity : Synthetic hair extensions don’t last as long as the human or real hair extensions and if you wear them daily they can only exist for 4-6 months.

4. Conditions : You cannot style your hair with heating appliances because they are not heat-friendly extensions.

How to Apply Clip-In Hair Extension ?

Where to buy the best quality of hair extensions in Delhi NCR?

These Are Best Hair Replacement Solutions from Where You Can Get Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Services Like Hair Bonding, Hair Weaving, Hair Fully Tapping, Hair Microwefting and Hair Clipping and Also Have Option of Buying Products Such as Hair Patch, Hair Extensions, Hair Wigs, Hair Topper, Hair Closure and More Accessories:






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